January 21, 2011

I’ll rearrange code so that everything is declared and set up before it’s called. Some languages give you a lot of flexibility around that so you don’t have to. I don’t want that flexibility.
~ Douglas Crockford

When you are writing programs you need to be able to name your identifiers well. And your prose has to be good. I’d feel lost without a good dictionary.
~ Joshua Block

There’s some computer scientists that said “Oh, if you’re no good at English you’ll never be a very good programmer”.
~ Joe Armstrong

I like minimalistic code, very beautifully poised, structured code. If you start removing things, if you get to the point where if you were to remove more it would not work any more — at this point it is beautiful.
~ Joe Armstrong

What I try to work on is units that correspond to the way I have it in my head, rather than the way a logician might want it to be in some formal system. My programs are supposed to match my intuition more than somebody else’s rigid framework. […] To me the idea of the right kind of a program is something that matches the way I think as closely as possible rather than something that matches the machine as closely as possible. I have to find the way to do the conversion, but my source text tries to stay closer to my brain than to the machine.
~ Donald Knuth

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