Solutio of the king

January 21, 2011

« The king is dissolving in his own surfeit; that is, inflation is the cause and agent of solutio. A swollen ego is dissolved by its own excess. Its dissolution leads the way to a possible rejuvenation on a sounder basis. » ~ “Anatomy of the psyche”, E. Edinger.

« These images [of water] tell us that love and/or lust are agents of solutio. This corresponds to the fact that a particular psychic problem or stage of development often remains arrested or stuck until the patient falls in love. Then abruptly the problem is dissolved. Although new complications appear, life has begun to flow again. » ~ “Anatomy of the psyche”, E. Edinger.

« […] It has been liquified. » ~ “Anatomy of the psyche”, E. Edinger.

« Immersion in whater symbolizes a return to the preformal, a total regeneration, a new birth, for immersion means a dissolution of forms, a reintegration into the formlessness of pre-existence; and emerging from the water is a repetition of the act of creation in which form was first expressed. » ~ “Patterns in comparative religion”. Eliade.

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