May 29, 2011

« Many times my dreams have been filled with the magnificent forms in mouvement in this vast painting, itself as marvellous as a dream. Sardanapalus revisited is a fountain of youth. To what distant past does the contemplation of this canvas bring us! To the marvellous era when artists such as Deveria, Gros, Delacroix, Boulanger, Bonnington, etc., reigned together to form the great Romantic school : beauty, loveliness, charm, sublime. Has there ever been a painted figure which gave a more sweeping idea of the Asiatic despot than this Sardanapalus, with his black plaited beard, who dies on his pyre, draped in his muslins, with a feminine attitude? And who, today, could paint with such fire, with such freshness, with such poetic enthusiasm, all this harem of striking beauties? And ail this Sardanapalesque luxury, which scintillates in the furnishings, the clothing, the harnasses, the dishes, and the jewels, who? who? »
~ Baudelaire

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