June 1, 2011

« We, computer scientists and mathematicians, are certainly not the first who invented hidden words and hidden meaning. Rabbi Akiva in the first century AD wrote a collection of documents called Maaseh Merkava on secret mysticism and meditations. In the eleventh century Spanish Solomon Ibn Gabirol called these secret teachings Kabballah. Kabbalists organized themselves as a secret society dedicated to study of the ancient wisdom of Torah, looking for mysterious connections and hidden truth, meaning, and words in Kabballah and elsewhere (without computers!). Recent versions of this activity are knowledge discovery and data mining, bibliographical search, lexicographic research, textual data processing, or even web site indexing. »
~ P. Flajolet, Y. Guivarc’h, W. Szpankowski, B. Vallée. “Hidden pattern statistics”. Automata, Languages and Programming, 152–165. 2001.

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