On biographies

December 1, 2011

« I often asked Jung for specific data on outward happenings, but I asked in vain. Only the spiritual essence of his life’s experience remained in his memory, and this alone seemed to him worth the effort of telling. […] A rich harvest of thoughts which, as he himself says, are an integral part of his biography. »

« […] All the “outer” aspects of my life should be accidental. Only what is interior has proved to have substance and a determining value. […] As a result, all memory of outer events has faded, and perhaps these “outer” experiences were never so very essential anyhow, or were so only in that they coincided with phases of my inner development. An enormous part of these “outer” manifestations of my life has vanished from my memory. »

« The “autobiography” is my life, viewed in the light of the knowledge I have gained from my scientific endeavors. Both are one. […] My life has been in a sense the quintessence of what I have written, not the other way around. The way I am and the way I write are a unity. »

« If I ask the value of my life, I can only measure myself against the centuries and then I must say, Yes, it means something. Measured by the ideas of today, it means nothing. »

~ “Memories, dreams, reflections”. C.G. Jung.

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