April 16, 2012

« We think that your work would benefit from stronger motivation that is based on an application domain. For example, in the subsequence work the connection to biology should be emphasized. It is true that some projects are based solely on theory, but it is much better and more common to have some applied motivation to your research. Towards this end we suggest that you work with domain scientists (say from biology) and try to demonstrate scientific progress in that domain. »

« Another related point is that we would like you to do a better job comparing your techniques to the state-of-the-art. For example, in the subsequence work you may want to investigate what techniques computational biologists use for the same task (classifying proteins) and try to compare your technique in a comprehensive set of experiments. This includes developing quantitative measures for assessing quality as well as experiments over a more comprehensive dataset (e.g., more than 10 proteins or so). Similarly for the table work, you may want to compare to other leading table compression techniques (as opposed to gzip). »

« In general, try to approach a research project by considering the following questions: who will care about this if I succeed, why would they care, precisely what is the contribution and to what community. Answering these questions in a crisp manner would be a great goal. »

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