July 31

March 13, 2016

the wet, hot, windy atmosphere smells of rain and of sea at the same time. just before a storm. also the smell of fields, of the simple herbs and plants of the fields, of simple nature from my childhood.

the extremely slow, but still perceptible movement of white, globular clouds in the blue sky. reminds me of forces that slowly shape trees, stones, and bodies.

swimming in the baltic sea when a thunderstorm is coming. seeing the drops of rain fall on the surface of the sea while i’m inside the water, my eyes just above the surface. the sky full of dark clouds, but  a hole in those makes the light of the sun visible like the core of a galaxy, and makes some sunrays percolate down to earth.

la sfumatura tra il viola e il rosa e il salmone e il blu tra le nubi di un mancato temporale, in un tramonto umido di helsinki. una farfalla bianca che volteggia prima della tempesta, sotto un cielo turbolento, tra i tuoni. sensazione di imminente distruzione.

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