April 2, 2016

“A priest while going the round of his parish on the saturday before easter in order to sprinkle the houses with holy water as was his custom, coming to the studio of a painter, and there beginning to sprinkle the water upon some of his pictures, the painter turning round with some annoyance asked him why he sprinkled his pictures in this manner. The priest replied that it was the custom and that it was his duty to act thus, that he was doing a good deed and that whoever did a good deed might expect a recompense as great or even greater; for so God had promised that for every good deed which we do on the earth we shall be rewarded a hundredfold from on high. Then the painter, having waited until the priest had made his exit, stepped to the window above and threw a large bucket of water down on to his back, calling out to him, ‘See, there is the reward that comes to you a hundredfold from on high as you said it would, on account of the good deed you did me with yor holy water with which you have half ruined my pictures’.”

~ Leonardo da Vinci

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