September 24, 2016

“There are various kinds of sledges used in this country: some are entirely close; others quite open; those which we employed were partly open, and partly covered. A sledge of this sort is shaped like a cradle; its tilt, which rises from the hinder extremity, and projects to about two feet, was open in front, but provided with curtains, which might be drawn and tied together whenever the weather was severe.” ~ William Coxe

“The floors of the apartments, instead of being covered with carpets, were, according to a custom not unusual in these parts, strewed with leaves and small twigs of pines and firs, which afford, when bruised, a pleasant smell, and give a cleanly appearance to the rooms.” ~ William Coxe

“The ceiling is loaded with hundreds of small black cakes, baked in the month of October, and, having a hole in the middle, they are put upon a stick, and in this manner hung up.” ~ George Green

“The extraordinary number of small windmills, both near the town and during the whole of the day’s journey, attracted a good deal of attention; it appears to be the custom for every person to grind his own corn.” ~ Captain George Matthew Jones

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