September 24, 2016

“In a few places the ice of the gulf was a smooth sheet; in others it was roughly frozen in waves and large masses. The vast extended plain of ice, broken in abrupt ridges, the boundless and dreary track marked only by a line of trees and boughs, and the rugged rocks starting up on every side, afforded one of the most desolate scenes imaginable.” ~ William Coxe

“As we continued to advance across the more open sea, the ice became stronger: and being now at a considerable distance from any land, the prospect widened on all sides, and became at every instant more desolate and appalling. The wind had carried off every particle of snow; and we journeyed for many miles over a surface clear and transparent as glass.”~ Edward Daniel Clarke

“We were amused at the ice hills heaped one on another, sometimes to a considerable height. These were formed while the ice was yet in broken pieces, by the wind and the waves throwing one piece upon another.” ~ John Paterson

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