October 9, 2016

“It was a sunday morning. A pig was wallowing in a mud puddle in the bright summer sunshine, watching the people pass by on their way to church. Heart aching with envy, he gazed at the noble, beautiful form of the human beings, thinking of his own scruffy shape. Such a bright radiance beamed from the brow of a few passers-by that his own eyes were deflected, and he was furious with god for not making him a human being. When he had grumbled and complained his full, he stretched out his legs, closed his squinty little eyes, and fell asleep.
But when he awoke after some time, a man laid near him, a drunk who had fallen into the mud puddle and was about to choke on the muck. Sensing his danger, the pig pitied at him, gripped his collar with his sharp fangs, and dragged him to dry ground. Having done this merciful deed, he gazed at the man for a moment, gave an ugly sneer, and said: ‘You miserable man, you look so ugly that I can’t stand to look at you any longer’. Thus spoke the pig, walked grunting away, and began to root up the earth.”
~ Seitsemän veljestä

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