December 17, 2016

“It is difficult to describe the singularly vivid coruscations of many of the heavenly bodies, changing from flame colour, or orange, to that of a deep ruby, and each ray being distinctly conveyed to the eye through the pure surrounding ether. The flashing of the northern lights began also to play around us. A pale sheet of flame first streamed from the zenith. Its quivering fires then darted swiftly along the heavens, and increased the sublimity of the scene; while the planet of night, riding high in the firmament, cast a mild and pensive lustre. As there had been a hoar frost, every spray glistened as if pendant with countless gems; and the gay sparkle of innumerable crystals from the surrounding illumination brought to the recollection the tales of fairy-land. It seemed almost as if we were passing through an enchanted forest and that Nature was displaying to us her magic wonders, to cheer the hours of the night. With our strange figures thickly encrusted with frost and rime, and hurrying silently along, we had less the appearance of men than of unearthly beings, or a band of goblins skimming the waste to perform their midnight orgies, and ‘dance with the Lapland witches’.”
~ Arthur de Capell Brooke

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