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National Gallery Berlin, 2

January 14, 2018

Mill on the river Stour, Constable

The wave, Courbet.

Deep in the forest, De la pena


Cliffs at Étretat, Courbet

The grove, or the admiral's house in Hampstead, Constable

National Gallery Berlin

January 13, 2018

Alexandre Calame

Campagna landscape, Arnold Böcklin

Ocean breakers (the sound), Arnold Böcklin

Deep in the forest by moonlight, Friedrich

Moonrise by the sea, Friedrich

Knight's castle, Lessing

Castle by the river, Schinkel

Tilla Durieux depicting Circe, Von Stuck

And also: “Cabin covered in snow”, Friedrich. “After the rain”, Baum. “Low country at the Rhine”, Thoma.

January 13, 2018

Macbeth, Justin Kurzel.