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Spatial structure

February 3, 2019


“In the ’70s and ’80s František Kyncl’s works and collages assembled from skewers or bamboo sticks mirror the conflict between order and coincidence, superiority of the abstract geometric expression over the insubordinate spontaneity of nature, between modern rationalism, characterized by a geometric shape such as a triangle on one hand, and intuition, coincidence and spontaneity, represented by organic growth embodied in tree branches […]. The conflict, for the very first time identified by structuralism in the ’70s — in his diary, Kyncl repeatedly refers to structuralism, and the word structure often appears in the titles of his artwork — is typical of this time period, and reaches a pinnacle in the criticism of the foundations of modern rational thinking, and of the belief in the ability to control both natural and social phenomena […]. The ascending triangle or pyramid, at the top of which modern thinking was believed to exist, is therefore the visual reflection of a hierarchy which Kyncl is consciously undermining by orienting his triangles upside down.”
~ Museum Kampa, Prague.